Inherits: PacketPeer < Reference < Object

Inherited By: MultiplayerPeerGDNative, NetworkedMultiplayerENet, WebRTCMultiplayer, WebSocketMultiplayerPeer

A high-level network interface to simplify multiplayer interactions.


Manages the connection to network peers. Assigns unique IDs to each client connected to the server. See also MultiplayerAPI.

Note: The high-level multiplayer API protocol is an implementation detail and isn't meant to be used by non-Godot servers. It may change without notice.



get_connection_status ( ) const


get_packet_peer ( ) const


get_unique_id ( ) const


poll ( )


set_target_peer ( int id )


  • connection_failed ( )

Emitted when a connection attempt fails.

  • connection_succeeded ( )

Emitted when a connection attempt succeeds.

  • peer_connected ( int id )

Emitted by the server when a client connects.

  • peer_disconnected ( int id )

Emitted by the server when a client disconnects.

  • server_disconnected ( )

Emitted by clients when the server disconnects.


enum TransferMode:

  • TRANSFER_MODE_UNRELIABLE = 0 --- Packets are not acknowledged, no resend attempts are made for lost packets. Packets may arrive in any order. Potentially faster than TRANSFER_MODE_UNRELIABLE_ORDERED. Use for non-critical data, and always consider whether the order matters.

  • TRANSFER_MODE_UNRELIABLE_ORDERED = 1 --- Packets are not acknowledged, no resend attempts are made for lost packets. Packets are received in the order they were sent in. Potentially faster than TRANSFER_MODE_RELIABLE. Use for non-critical data or data that would be outdated if received late due to resend attempt(s) anyway, for example movement and positional data.

  • TRANSFER_MODE_RELIABLE = 2 --- Packets must be received and resend attempts should be made until the packets are acknowledged. Packets must be received in the order they were sent in. Most reliable transfer mode, but potentially the slowest due to the overhead. Use for critical data that must be transmitted and arrive in order, for example an ability being triggered or a chat message. Consider carefully if the information really is critical, and use sparingly.

enum ConnectionStatus:

  • CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED = 0 --- The ongoing connection disconnected.

  • CONNECTION_CONNECTING = 1 --- A connection attempt is ongoing.

  • CONNECTION_CONNECTED = 2 --- The connection attempt succeeded.


  • TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST = 0 --- Packets are sent to the server and then redistributed to other peers.

  • TARGET_PEER_SERVER = 1 --- Packets are sent to the server alone.

Property Descriptions

  • bool refuse_new_connections







If true, this NetworkedMultiplayerPeer refuses new connections.







The manner in which to send packets to the target_peer. See TransferMode.

Method Descriptions

Returns the current state of the connection. See ConnectionStatus.

  • int get_packet_peer ( ) const

Returns the ID of the NetworkedMultiplayerPeer who sent the most recent packet.

  • int get_unique_id ( ) const

Returns the ID of this NetworkedMultiplayerPeer.

  • void poll ( )

Waits up to 1 second to receive a new network event.

  • void set_target_peer ( int id )

Sets the peer to which packets will be sent.

The id can be one of: TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST to send to all connected peers, TARGET_PEER_SERVER to send to the peer acting as server, a valid peer ID to send to that specific peer, a negative peer ID to send to all peers except that one. By default, the target peer is TARGET_PEER_BROADCAST.